A testimony against premarital cohabitation.

A government in Louisiana is arguing that they should not be held responsible for a guard sleeping with a fourteen year old inmate because she consented.

Almost three in ten doctors would not recommend the profession to young people.

A Russian man altered the terms of his credit card contract and sued the bank. A judge ruled in his favor.

Flying conditions were recently used as an examplar for increasing inequality and the uhmm… crunch of the middle class. Here in the US, though, our airline seats are actually pretty average in size.

Here’s how UK’s Ryanair is saving money. During the last conversation on the subject, I was actually thinking about #6.

We flew on US discount airliner Frontier Airlines and actually thought quite a bit of it. They offer a nice balance of free-discount and amenities for those who want to pay a little extra.

Ladar Levison, seller of encrypted email, ceased his business operations rather than comply with the government’s surveillance plans. The government was allegedly not pleased.

Did our obsession with stock prices kill the recovery?

The “real” history of Area 51.

Sonny Bunch writes about cell phone and theater etiquette.

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    Only three in ten seems low from the sample of fellow physicians that I know. Then again, maybe we malcontents are good at finding each other. I wouldn’t recommend the profession and would actively work to dissuade younger relatives from entering it unless they had no other decent options. Reluctantly, I’ll concede that medicine would still beat the pole or itinerant farm labor even after full implementation of the ACA.

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