Snakes On My FaceSomething that kinda makes you feel old: The entire history of the Marvel Universe occurred after 9/11.

Cool concept photos of cloud cities.

The nefariousness of Big Commerce. It makes some good points, but also some contentions that can more easily be explained by something else.

The plan of shooting owls to save owls makes sense, after a fashion.

The legal profession is taking a closer look at bar exam failure rates.

Some matchmakers argue that uptown divorcees are a bit too picky.

Scientists are working at breaking the speed of light.

Critics of the pharmaceutical industry like to point out all that they spend on marketing rather than R&D. But what if the marketing improves the drugs’ effectiveness?

Apparently, password complexity rules. (symbol, number, cap requirement) are not just annoying, but also ineffective when compared to simple length requirements.

Eve Tushnet takes a hard look at shame. Shaming has its place, but Tushnet is right that people are often indifferent to the circumstances that affect its effectiveness, instead looking solely at the distastefulness of the activity they would like to shame.

To get people to move off of Windows XP, Munich, Germany is giving people Linux.

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