fictionandliteratureA really weird story in Ohio where the Attorney General crack down on prescription… coffee mugs?

I get why the baby dear maybe had to die, but this strikes me as a pretty serious waste of time and resources.

An athlete at the University of New Hampshire gave up his college career to donate bone marrow.

SNL is finally coming to NBC on SLC! It was kind of weird when it was running on The CW. The CW still runs Hannibal, though, in that particular market.

Tyler Cowen looks at Oregon’s “equity plan” for funding college education.

io9 has a followup on the groundbreaking paper about the weirdness of western culture and how it is distorting social sciences.

Despite what we may have been lead to believe, the GOP position on abortion is not particularly out of touch with the populace at large. Of course, it would help the Republicans if they could talk about this issue in ways that don’t actively alienate voters.

International opposition to the death penalty is making it difficult for us to kill people.

Dodger Stadium is using foam to keep beer cold.

A cop in Alabama was fired for speaking out against quotas. The whistleblower in the Zimmerman-Trayvon case who was fired for disclosing the existence of potentially exculpatory evidence is suing the State’s Attorney office.

The audacity of banks surprises even me sometimes. Nobody should reasonably be able to expect what they’re expecting after having closed on the wrong home and wrongly sold off someone’s assets.

An unexpected upside to the patent wars: Smartphones made in the USA.

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