soundsnormal and PBS have a great story about how a a bunch of artists used smoke and mirrors to fool the Nazis.

According to some, a cracked cellphone screen is a new status symbol, of sorts. Like pre-frayed hats, I guess.But only if you can actually afford a new one, or something. We’ve turned smartphone functionality into something irony-based.

This is certainly my experience: Online dating makes us choosier. On the other hand, maybe that’s why the higher success rates?

Online dating has been good for gays, too, in accepting their sexuality.

An intriguing idea for online dating: Telling you what you’re doing wrong.

Your brain knows a phony smile when it sees one.

Research Digest has a cool piece on the intuition of homicide detectives.

We could be flying faster than we do, but we’re too thrifty. Well, there are definite environmental upsides, I suppose.

In the aftermath of Newtown, a lot of people who wanted to talk about the gun culture wanted to keep video game culture off-limits. That’s not so easy.

David Lloyd, the artist behind V for Vendetta, talks about the Guy Fawkes mask‘s embrace by radicals and protestors worldwide.

Smarter folks than me keep saying that technology cannot destroy jobs past the short term. I guess every generation thinks it, but I do wonder the extent to which “it’s different this time.”

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  1. We could be flying faster than we do, but we’re too thrifty. Well, there are definite environmental upsides, I suppose.

    Admittedly, we’re not willing to pay more, but given how the price of petroleum has gone up over the past decade or so, I don’t think anybody was really willing to pay that much more to save a few minutes on their mostly short flights. It’s the trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific and perpetual runs from Europe to India and Asia that could use the faster speeds, and something like the Sonic Cruiser would have been an excellent compromise to something like Concorde.

    Would I pay $100 more for a faster flight to Europe, sure. $500, no, but my budget is different than your average American tourist going to Europe.

  2. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    Only because I use the term DMA often, I know it is Nielsen, not Nielson.

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