I read some time ago that a study was done. Well, I have read frequently about many studies, but this study involves foods percieved to be healthy and how Americans think food is better if it is bad for us. I can’t remember the specifics, but I think it involved calling non-low-fat hamburgers low-fat and vice-versa.

I must confess, I think that I am in that category. Decadence is delicious!

The other day I got some canned “organic chili” cause it sounded like it would be less obnoxious to my body than the regular canned stuff. It tasted really good! They put some garlic and onion in there and it had a somewhat unique taste. What I didn’t realize in addition to being “organic” it also didn’t have any meat.

It was too late, as I had already decided that I liked it, but I am sure that if I’d known it had soy and tofu I would have hated it.

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  1. Webmaster says:

    Soy is pretty good on just about anything.

    If you like it – go for it!

    (This from the guy who probably needs more veggies…)

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