Too many heroes become dead heroes. In some situations, more would-be heroes are dying than those killed initially.

What happens when galaxies collide.

Mara Wilson has an insider’s prospective on why child stars go off the deep end.

A cool algorishm finds face-like structures on Earth’s surface.

An interesting look at why China’s filmmakers hate Japan, and why it matters. Over 200 anti-Japanese films come out of China a year.

Water from a Canadian mine appears to be over a billion years old.

Joblessness kills. Which is why, if we ever reach a post-employment future, it can’t actually become a post-employment future. (Yes, they did control for the usual suspects.)

How superhero storytelling has infected movies and other entertainment. And not for the better.

We may be able to watch sporting events in hologram. It’s an interesting concept, though I have mixed feelings on how fun that would be in practice.

The car-buying flow chart. It suggested a Ford C-Max to me.

Apparently, used video games allow publishers to charge more for new ones.

The suburbanization of British Jews and Indians.

Swedish college is free, but their students get out with almost as much student debt as our students do.

James Pethokoukis has some good ideas on how to reconcile climate change intervention with conservatism. The US Energy Secretary wants to find ways to capture carbon dioxide on the cheap. If anything will save us, it’ll be this.

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3 Responses to Linkluster Charter Schools in New York

  1. Peter says:

    It’s not surprising that many Indians in Britain are moving to upscale suburbs. They’ve always been a fairly high-achieving group. The Pakistanis are the problem.

  2. The car-buying flow chart. It suggested a Ford C-Max to me.

    Scion FR-S here. 🙂

  3. BTW, Legoman kicks ass. 🙂

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