fiftypercenthateIf 33% of STEM grads having to get a career outside of STEM is supposed to be an indication that there’s something wrong with STEM degrees, what do we make of it when half of college grads are working jobs that don’t need a degree?

A doctor in South Portland, Maine, has gone all-market with his services. With posted prices and everything.

The fascinating dispatches of a CIA whisteblower’s experiences in prison.

Australia is experiencing growing work-hour inequality.

If we ever want to get to Mars, we have to figure out a way to fix the radiation problem.

Mysteriously, Detroit’s delapidated old train station got five new windows.

Europe’s youth unemployment numbers are scary.

In investigating why America can’t be Sweden, Thomas Edsall lays down the case that in globalism, we’re sacrificing our poor for our wealthy and the wealthy and poor abroad, and that may just be how it has to be.

Starbucks is going smoke-free, within 25 feet of their locations. Their prerogative, of course. But e-cigarettes? Really?

Russia is joining the ranks of countries with smoking bans.

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical (Ubuntu Linux) has closed Bug #1, Microsoft’s dominant marketshare of the OS market. Not that Microsoft lost its market position, but Shuttleworth says it no longer matters.

Captain T&T, the superhero of Trinidad and Tobago.

Ben Bernanke has some interesting thoughts on meritocracy.


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  1. Mr. Test says:


  2. Mr Test 2 says:


  3. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    I am no longer titling Linklusters as numbers


    • trumwill says:

      Think I should reconsider? I’ve been reconsidering…

      • Mike Hunt Rice says:

        A thousand times, yes. You should reconsider.

        I have only really been a fan of two pics:

        1) The girl with the hotdog.
        2) The baby elephant playing in the water.

        Also, your security question should go in between the comment box and the post comment button. Putting it underneath makes it more forgetable.

        Then again this blog’s days may be numbered (no pun intended) anyway.

        • Trumwill says:

          Hit Coffee’s not going anywhere. The current arrangement of crossposting will not last indefinitely. The League is getting an overhaul soon, which is all I will say at the moment..

          Alright, starting next week, it will be back to numbers.

          I agree about the security question. Unfortunately, the plugin places it and I haven’t gotten a good handle on the HTML code of the template.

  4. Brandon Berg says:

    But e-cigarettes?

    Maybe they just don’t want their employees to have to investigate each smoker to determine whether it’s an e-cigarette.

    A lot of ostensibly stupid rules make more sense when you take adjudication costs into account.

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