Figuring out business models for WiFi is hard. This is one of those things that’s crying out for a systemic solution. The equivalent of calling cards.

Next up: water crisis. There’s a pretty strong likelihood that desalinization is going to be critical to humanity’s future.

How Brazil is tackling its rural physician shortage. I find it odd that doctors would immigrate from Spain and Portugal to Brazil.

The Atlantic has a good article on the dubious sustainability of China’s urbanization project.

An interview with a dead man.

How many terrabytes can you fit into a brain?

Washington Post lists seven thrilling facts about the carbon tax. Credit to them for mentioning the regressive nature of it. It’s probably the best way to combat AGW, but consensus would be monstrously difficult and I hate that one of the biggest question is “What would we do with the money?”

The ruins of Jerusalem… in a decaying theme park.

Marijuana makes for better proscuitto.

Hugo Schwyzer explains why men need to find women their own age.

Overspending as modern mating deception wouldn’t be an issue if aspects of our culture didn’t suck so bad.

Presenting… The 8-bit Iron Man.

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  1. Peter says:

    During my college days I actually spent a couple weeks working on a cleanup crew that was trying to keep Holy Land USA from falling into complete disrepair. Although it was officially closed to visitors, the gate was never locked and people used to stop by quite often. The “religious order” that ran the site consisted of just two nuns, only one of whom would on occasion come around (in two weeks of working there full time I saw her maybe twice). Even though the city had no official responsibility for Holy Land it sent in the cleanup crew on which I worked, mainly out of fears that it would be liable if people became injured while wandering around the site.

    • trumwill says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen an abandoned amusement park. I find the concept of them fascinating. This is probably related to how frequently they are used as a backdrop in superhero stories.

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