Between Google Glass and this superhuman mask, in the future will we all be dressed up like superheroes?

More than 300,000 babies die in India every year.

Huawei has a “ridiculously thin” new smartphone. Thin is nice enough, but I wish it were being used to bring back physical keyboard. Or that it being so thin didn’t mean that we needed to put a cover on it to be thick all over again.

The New Atlantis has a good piece on the nuclear energy, nuclear waste, and Yucca.

I’m not usually the kind of guy that spends $100 on shirts, but this shirt has my attention.

I was all prepared to be outraged at this Jordan Weissman article about how colleges are selling out the poor to court the rich, but then I saw it was primarily about merit scholarships, which I do agree with. Self-righteousness defused.

I hate finding out that there’s a kind of meat that I haven’t eaten yet. Now I need to figure out how to get me some swamp rat.

When selling efficient lightbulbs to conservatives, just don’t mention the environmental benefits.

I don’t know if this is the equivalent of New York Times’s trend invention or not, but I found this article about attempts by British people to tone down regional accents to be interesting.

Far be it for me to compliment Paul Krugman, but I thought this piece on density and housing prices was quite good.

Cell phone networks, democratized? It’s an interesting concept. The question is whether mobile carriers actually want us using less data. I think they do, but at some point once minutes and messages are free, data tiers will be their profit center.

More indication that, as far as the banking-housing crisis goes, they knew not what they did. For those that missed it, a previous linky post drew attention to this article, coming to the same conclusion.

For a potential writing project, I’ve been looking into (mostly Golden Age) superheroes in the Public Domain. Here are a couple of resources I’m using [Wikia][Comicvine] (Warning: the latter link takes up a significant amount of computer resources, do not open if you are running low on RAM)

Jon Perry takes ten views at concerns of technology putting us out of work. Ron Bailey examines whether the Luddites are right.

How the oil boom is improving the working class in North Dakota and maybe the tribes in Montana.

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