Trailer parks could save us all, or at least solve the retiring baby boomer problem. It takes a lot to overcome the stigma, though, which creates detrimental cycles of ownership.

Google Fiber is causing traditional ISP’s to step up their game. Vermont has a plan. Though I have to say, of all the states for the federal government to throw stimulus money at for this project, Vermont does not strike me as the most worthwhile.

Amy Sullivan of the National Journal writes of the downsizing of the American Dream. James Fallows on why we should believe the illusion anyway.

A green building that eats smog.

I’ve mentioned niche online dating before. Apparently, Alex Jones is getting into the act. I’d love to know what the gender balance on that looks like.

Good guys with guns. It’s actually an interesting look at the psychology of the discussion. It’s more sympathetic to the pro-gun perspective, and I disagree with some of the conclusions, but I found it worth my time.

A look at the folks who have dropped out of the job market.

A great joke: If we really want to dismantle Al-Qaeda, we need only arrange for Yahoo to buy it. I was reminded of that joke when I read this.

The rationale behind child pornography being illegal is pretty rock-solid, though it’s possible the passive consumers of child pornography are not as dangerous as we thought.. Laws against pixie porn, on the other hand, is harder to justify.

CNet gives you a rundown how to get rid of The Soap Opera Effect. My father’s TV has that. It takes some getting used to, but it’s worth it with how nicely the non-HD stuff comes across on his Samsung compared to my Vizio.

Atheists and their relationship with god.

An inside look at fracking.

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8 Responses to Linkluster Episodes of Full House

  1. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    The best actor on the show was Comet.

    As for the passive consumers, they aren’t dangerous. Which is not to say their behavior should be legal.

    • trumwill says:

      I honestly have mixed feelings about whether passive consumerism should be illegal. I’m sort of hoping that technology will solve the problem, with digitally altered stuff that doesn’t require exploitation.

      • Brandon Berg says:

        For a while I had an idea that the government should just grandfather in a bunch of pre-existing child pornography, license some third-party providers to distribute it, and come down like all hell on anyone caught with something not in their database. I knew it would never happen for obvious PR reasons, but it seemed like the best way to reduce the demand for the production of new child pornography.

        It later occurred to me that the children depicted in the grandfathered material would quite rightly object to that.

        • trumwill says:

          Well, a laid back way of handling it is that “Copyright protections on child pornography will not be enforced.” Which is actually the current state of affairs, though, and it doesn’t exactly stop it.

          Which is actually really interesting, when I think about it.

  2. Brandon Berg says:

    …Alex Jones writes on the homepage of Dating Freedom Lovers, his low-fi dating site.

    Does low-fi mean that cheating is encouraged?

  3. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    Are you planning on discussing my governor’s weight loss surgery? Or the up-coming internet sales tax?

  4. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    Whoops, I missed it. Let me go and comment now.

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