winsnakeHenry Blodget is excited because he figured out how to make his iPhone battery last all day. I’d gloat, but that’s more than I’ve been able to accomplish with my Android phones regularly. But Android lets me have removable batteries.

One of the common theories about why PC tails are tanking is that they’re too good. Meaning, they are so good that they don’t need to be upgraded. Dave Schuler has an alternate theory.

I suppose it is supposed to give me the creeps, but I think this has potential to do some real good. On the city planner end, anyway. I don’t care if Verizon is making a profit, though I would prefer some measures be taken to protect my identity.

There is a lot of psychological muck in the attempts to make Muggle Quidditch a real sport. I mean, the athletes in the picture look fit enough, but I wonder how much of this is as a fallback sport. Or maybe I’m projecting.

Middle Classitude is about attitude more than anything else.

Utah is allowing organ donation from prisoners. The article states that it’s a thorny issue. I’m not so sure, though I would be concerned about blood or marrow donation.

Dave Schuler’s thoughts on obesity are worth reading. Southerners may not be fatter than the average American so much as they are more honest about their fatness.

Conventional wisdom is that skipping breakfast is a bad dietary strategy. I know that breakfast helped revolutionize my weight-loss efforts. But apparently the conventional wisdom may not be right.

On the efforts to free the nurses. I think mid-level providers as substitute docs is where this is all going to end up. The trick is going to be to get people to go along.

I ran across the Space Jam website a couple years ago. I can’t believe I saw that movie at the theater. Free tickets will get some people to watch some pretty stupid things. Anyway, The Verge has an article on old, relic sites like Space Jam and Dole/Kemp.

This is indeed a really awesome entrepreneur story. I love Sriracha sauce.

Apparently, the real problem with the hookup culture is that the sex is bad.

A look at the effects of high speed rail by looking at China. One of which, interestingly, is a dispersed population.

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  1. David Alexander says:

    A look at the effects of high speed rail by looking at China. One of which, interestingly, is a dispersed population.

    Which coincidentally also happened in France when the LGV Est opened up, as Reims is 80 miles away from Paris, but only 45 minutes away by train. The city ended up becoming a part of its commuter zone thanks to cheap monthly/frequent rider passes from SNCF.

    FWIW, the example they gave in the US context was Philadelphia, and there are a few people who actually do the commute now. Some from Center City itself, and others who do so from one of the suburbs. The cheaper housing is an attraction, but the commute is still rather long unless you’re willing to pay for Amtrak at $1300 a month. OTOH, $1500 a month buys a much nicer apartment in downtown Philadelphia, so the combined expense and lower income tax may be a bonus for some people…

    • Trumwill Mobile says:

      I need to learn more about all this. A rail system that allows dispersal gets my interest because it more easily allows for cheaper cost of living.

  2. David Alexander says:

    To be honest, it ultimately depends on the context. In the California case, it’s probably going to turn places like Modesto into a somewhat commutable area for those who work in the Bay Area, while somewhere like Fresno could become less of a backwater, and far more attractive for development as noted in the Chinese examples. Mind you, there is no guarantee that cities will enact development plans, and that people would be willing to change their mind about doing business in say, Fresno even if it’s only a 90 minute train ride away with a train running every 30 to 60 minutes.

  3. says:

    It’s a good thing your wife is getting out of primary care medicine because freeing the mid-levels to engage in independent practice will destroy it as a field. Pray, what are the poor M.D. saps still in primary care supposed to do? Develop new and innovative curse words to capture their fate of making a pittance after giving up 8 years of their lives and assuming an extra mortgage worth of debt?

    The issue has certainly been on my mind for a while. I chose the crappy specialty I’m in at least in part because it has much lower mid-level penetration than most other specialties. It’s still a poorly positioned specialty, though, so I’m not reaping as much benefit as I’d hoped. Medicine sucks. Keep your kid out of it.

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