buildingbarfScientists have released a 3D map of the universe. 43,000 galaxies!

For once, I side with the big bad federal government (and Britain!) over local communities: Down with the apostrophe! Okay, maybe not entirely. I’d still support it in contexts where Matt Malady is ready to let it go.

An anthropological look at garbage men.

Birds evolving to avoid cars.

Lousy sleep sucks.

Albania has a lot of war bunkers and no idea what to do with them.

The practical considerations of de-extinction. De-extinction could lead to a new era of hybrids.

When I read about China’s copycat architecture, it makes me think of Las Vegas. I actually think the concept is neat. I mean, it has to look like something, right? Why not something cool? Speaking of China, rapid construction, and cool, this looks kinda cool.

Did we really need scientists to tell us that we can decipher dog emotions? That part about dog people being less adept at it than not-dog-people is pretty interesting, though.

For entrepreneurship to rise, the big boys must fall.

Next time I fail to win the family bowl challenge (where we bet on all the bowl games) and I lose, I’m just going to point out that gambling success has nothing to do with actual knowledge.

By some metrics, Alaska is one of the happiest states in the country. It’s interesting that Greenland would be so miserable.

Rapid urbanization is making us more vulnerable to natural disasters.

Cell phones in prison are a persistent problem. But they’ve got dogs on the trail.

Phillip Levind and Melissa Kearney argue that our focus on contraception and abstinence don’t work. Instead, we need to focus on economic opportunity.

The case for canned beer.

It should come as no surprise that I agree with this piece on how we should make fixing things cool.

On the one hand, I am sympathetic to this piece from Linkedin, which says that we should move away from “work hours” as a metric of work and towards being paid for actual work done.. On the other hand, I tend to view unfavorably what I see as an abuse of overtime-exempt (salary) employment.

Ellis Hamburger thinks that the proliferation of messaging platforms will leave us disconnected. I am somewhat skeptical because at some point people will successfully Trillian it, and we may have more in-points and out-points, but the latter will all be in a singular place.

io9 explores why in the world aliens would want to invade us, anyway? And why are we inviting them?

Sabotage Times looks at driverless cars. Greg Beato looks at the potential for driverless cars, but doesn’t like what he sees.

National Journal looks at New Orleans’s rebound.

I don’t understand why Samsung’s latest phone has a better resolution than its latest tablet.

Seventeen really stupid office rules, that companies allegedly actually enforce.

An interesting look at learning differences between the sexes. Among the findings, the sex differences in math are insignificant at the bottom but wider at the top. The differences in reading, though, are insignificant at the top but significant at the bottom.

Jim Edwards has a piece on the cartel-like behavior of broadcast TV. I think it’s overlooking some things, but more importantly I am not sure why I should care. I kind of want the networks to have money so that they can make things with big budgets.

Before the Internet was supposed to be the next big thing, virtual reality was supposed to be the next big thing. George Dvorsky looks at why that didn’t pan out.

Confessions of serial job hoppers. My own job history is pretty long and winding, though not for the reasons discussed. I have actually been burned more than once for not job hopping. Loyalty, as they say, is not always a two-way street.

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  1. Peter says:

    There’s a local bar chain in my area called Canz City, basically the same concept as Hooters, and its schtick (besides replacing “s” with “z” in its ads) is serving all of its 200+ brands of beer in cans. Or should I say “canz.”

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