dinosaurguidesThere’s an interesting battle brewing in Britain over midwifery.

Is the future of smartphone screens sapphire? Vertu uses sapphire, but they charge thousands of dollars for their phones. The sapphire screens only cost $30 or so, which to me would absolutely be worth it.

Video games at ballpark urinals? Brilliant!

LibreOffice is making inroads, but OpenOffice is still winning. Still waiting to see what they do with the IBM/Symphony code before I make a decision.

Employers may finally be lowering their standards. This, however, may not be a good thing. I don’t think I buy the logic.

A thing in Japan.

This is why more Republicans who believe in gay marriage need to come out in favor of it. And why we should encourage those who do.

Is the housing bubble back? Here’s a look at the last housing bubble, wherein one of the problems was… the mortgage sellers believe in what they were selling.

Solar power in Germany may be taking over, in a way that’s not totally good.

Is the future of showroom exploitation prevention a cover charge?

In the same way that I don’t think having the government take care of my health care gives the government a right to make health choices for me, I am wary of police protection allowing a government to dictate how a burger joint is run.

Well, that’s one way to change the name of your company against your will.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the media doesn’t understand how the law (in this case, crime sentencing) works.

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  1. Peter says:

    Non-retail sales positions—think insurance salespeople—have seen similar changes, with the share of those jobs requiring four-year degrees down from 63 to 56 percent.

    As soon as I saw that line I knew that the article was complete meaningless garbage. I was in the life insurance scam industry and I can say without the least bit of hesitation that life insurance companies will hire anyone. They have no choice – the turnover is so enormous that the companies have to be in perpetual hiring mode. And it really doesn’t matter, from the companies’ perspective. Given that more than 90% of new agents are gone within six months there’s no point in trying to select candidates who might be able to make a go of it.

    • trumwill says:

      That number is odd for another reasons. Take out retail sales, and you still have a lot of sales people in positions with a lot of churn (telemarketing, vacuum cleaners, etc.)

  2. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    Nothing on the passing of Jack Pardee?

    • trumwill says:

      I actually hadn’t heard. I’d say “sad” but he had a pretty good life. It’s a shame that nobody hired him after he was fired by the Oilers. With the exception of June Jones, all the old Run & Shoot coaches were left on the outs.

      • Mike Hunt Rice says:

        For years, he was the answer to a trivia question because Jeff Fisher succeeded him and lasted 17 years.

      • Mike Hunt Rice says:

        …and Joe Gibbs I.

      • Mike Hunt Rice says:

        Another fact about him is that he went straight from coaching college to the pros in the same city. I don’t think that is very common. Dick Vitale did it in Detroit. So did Jimmy Johnson in Miami but it wasn’t back to back. If you expand to include metro areas, Bill Walsh did it in San Fransisco. If you really want to stretch it, PJ Carlesimo coached Seton Hall and Brooklyn.

        • Trumwill Mobile says:

          Pardee went from professional to college to professional all in the same city. He has to be the only one who ever did that. Johnson coached both college and pros in the same city, but didn’t go straight.

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