An exciting jailbreak in Canada… involving a hijacked helicopter!

For Knight: the Great West Conference (America’s saddest sports conference) is/was the exemplar of conference basketball tournaments nobody cares about.

Since I am rather critical of Bloomberg when his nanny impulses are wrong, I suppose I should say that I think his hide-the-cigarettes idea actually isn’t half bad.

A teen in Colorado has created an oil-oozing algae. Another teenager designs a device that cleans plastic from the ocean.

It turns out, the Creative Class was mostly about benefiting the desirables and not so much about actually improving city economies. Seems to me that somebody (okay, Kotkin, but also me!) has been saying that for a while now.

Every wonder why Superman doesn’t just destroy meteors like the one that hit Russia? Here’s why.

Girl Meets World update: Feeny is in! Some of the other rumored actors thought to be in, however (Shawn, Matthew) may not be, however.

Bowl games without names should not be allowed to be major bowl games. If the Chick-Fil-A Bowl wants to be one of the semifinal sites, it needs to be the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl. Maybe CFA can work this into a promotion at their restaurants? Or the Peach Bowl can find a new sponsor.

I, for one, am pretty pissed off at Ruth Vader Ginsberg. There is nothing wrong with skim milk.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is no worse messenger for gun control than Bloomberg.

Okay, that does it. The sequester has got to go. I want our shapeshifting alien reptile secret service agents.

Teachers are ignoring the stigma against student grouping/tracking. Barry Garelick supports it. So do I. I find the arguments against it (rather than concerns over implementation, which are legitimate) to be rather weak. Redstone starts grouping at around the second grade.

I never thought about this, but yeah, it’d kind of suck to be a baseball player with a sucky baseball card.

Farming more with less land. So, are we looking at a farmland bubble?

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  1. Φ says:

    there is no worse messenger for gun control than Bloomberg.

    Depends on which side you’re on. I think the Birmingham Campaign benefitted from opposition by a cartoon villian like Bull Connor.

  2. Φ says:

    There is nothing wrong with skim milk.

    Really? I like my water straight up!

  3. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    GWC: Thanks for the shout out. I actually saw the Deadspin article at the time. Those empty bleachers reminded me of the 1989 North Atlantic Conference tournament at the Hartford Civic Center. Because of a measles outbreak, it was played with literally no fans. Tying it all together, the NAC is now known as America East, which as I stated over a year ago is where NJIT belongs.

    Girl Meets World: Fantastic news. Now he can call two generations Mr Matthews.

    Bowl Games: I agree 100 percent. The word Peach has to be in the Atlanta Bowl in order for it to be eligible.

    Vader: You made the same Freudian slip over a year ago Also, skim milk is a crime against humanity. And, as Andy Rooney used to correctly say, it should be called skimmed milk.

    Also, I am changing my HitCoffee name for the time being as a protest against the cowards who run that school. I GUARANTEE that the order for the firing came straight from Christie.

    • trumwill says:

      GWC: I’ve never been to a conference tournament. If the Packers are ever good again, I might go one of these years. One of the upshots of where we’re (probably) moving to later this year is that I’ll get to see a Sotech away game in football. Maybe basketball, too.

      GMW: Quite so.

      Peach Bowl: I fear it won’t happen because CFA and peaches are both foods and so the two names back-to-back would be kind of odd. But seriously, having a sponsor-name-only bowl would set a bad precedent.

      Vader: Last time was a mistake. This time was fun. Skim milk was and is just fine. You can drink more of it without having to worry about fat content!

      Rutgers: I read that there were some revelations about the coach. Hadn’t heard that he was fired.

      • Mike Hunt Rice says:

        Sotech football: is this a game within easy driving distance for me, or further west?

        Peach Bowl: I admit that I didn’t know this before I just looked it up, but from 1998-2005, the game was indeed known as the CFA Peach Bowl. Even though peaches are food, the game isn’t sponsored by the US Peach Growers Association* or anything. They can easily coexist much like they do in the other games. If CFA was smart they would bring out a peach salsa as a topping for their sandwiches.

        It’s funny how the corporate names stick though. I still refer to the game in New Orleans as the USF&G Sugar Bowl.

        *Not an actual thing

        • trumwill says:

          Sotech: One (Hanover, near you) or the other (Saxon, to the west of you). I am going to wait until the basketball schedule is released. If either of the away games falls on a weekend, I’m going to the football game of one and the basketball game of the other. If not, it’ll be Saxon.

          Peach: I forgot that it used to have both. I like your salsa idea. I like anything that gets the Peach back.

          Your new name: I approve. Rather, I approve of you switching away from the “Scarlet Knight” moniker and hope you stick with it. Nothing against your not-alma-mater. I just kept mentally wanting to break it down into first-name-last-name, which would have your first name as Scarlet.

  4. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    Sotech: We should have a Hit Coffee Hanover meet-up then. We can invite Peter and David Alexander.

    Ron Swanson: There’s only one thing I hate more than lying: skim milk, which is water that’s lying about being milk.

    • trumwill says:

      I hope to make my way to Hanover at some point while I’m out there. If not for a sporting event, then just to visit people. The… nearness… of everything out there just blows our minds. Here, it’s five hours to the nearest international airport. Out there, there’s like ten within a 5-hour radius. That we’ve counted so far.

  5. David Alexander says:

    “The… nearness… of everything out there just blows our minds.”

    Now you can see why some of us are reluctant to leave. 🙂

    • trumwill says:

      Looking at the cost of housing, I don’t fully understand how y’all can afford to stay. We’re looking at a pretty big financial hit, as far as that goes. Grumble-grumble.

  6. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    From Washington to Boston is only a 7 hour drive. There is a reason the term megapolis was coined.

    The megapolis is comprised of the Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York (City), Hartford, Providence, and Boston DMAs. The population is 46.8 million as of 2000, or 15% of the US population.

    I would hope that Clancy would get a raise with the new job.

    • trumwill says:

      It’s a training position so that she can change her career trajectory away from primary care. Pay is roughly 1/3 of her current pay schedule. Which, since I’m not working, means we’re going to be taking a hit.

  7. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    I promise I’m not trying to be a wise ass, but didn’t you have to travel all over the greater mountain west so she could specially train for her first career trajectory?

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