invisistairsI miss the designs of some of the older cars, but the utilitarian in me appreciates that the convergence of automobile design is largely a product of all the makers having found the best way to make a car and going with it.

I had somehow missed the whole Tacitus-Malaysia scandal. paidContent has a story on how demand for content leads to such corruption.

Are we returning to the big, bad days of the AT&T monopoly? Whether that aspect of it is true or not (and the article isn’t really about AT&T), I don’t think nationwide WiFi is the solution. Meanwhile, Georgia rejected a bill aimed at banning municipal fiber networks

Bringing the dormant Six Flags New Orleans back to life… with animated GIFs.

The fascinating story of a call center dude who was fired for his job (with a government in Canada) for making a computer game (that those who fired him never bothered to actually play).

I try not to let things factor into my thinking too heavily, but those who insist that the world is nearly ending due to carbon emissions and yet oppose nuclear energy do make me wonder about the sincerity of the messenger, if not the veracity of the message. So I consider it helpful when they do embrace nuclear. Japan may be coming back around.

Matthew Yglesias looks at our long-term unemployment problem. Peter Cappelli adds more context on my takeaway, which is that a lot of it comes down to a refusal to train.

The story of how we realized that it might not be a good idea to put Radium in everything.

Here is what you need to know about coffee at work.

Can we close the black-white IQ gap through M&M’s?

In the age of smartphones, what’s a GPS maker to do? Also, the history of Google Street View. One of the really neat things about using Google Maps on my phone is that when I get there, it’ll use Street View to show me what the building I am looking for looks like.

Europe even has classy robots.

If you aren’t an expert, fake it. People prefer it that way. They also prefer charisma, which maybe isn’t innate.

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  1. says:

    You might be interested in Education Realist’s views about “the Gap.”

    Philip Dick, Preschool and Schrödinger’s Cat

    • trumwill says:

      Thanks for sharing the link. I agree with a lot of it, though I fear a lot of people would read it and think “It’s a waste of time to even try” rather than trying different things to get the most out of what we actually can from those with less stellar native intelligence.

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