paramanMusic piracy is falling. I mention this because I have commented that the music industry has done everything asked of them (free streaming, paid streaming, DRM-free files, etc.) and the continuation of privacy undercuts arguments that the piracy is caused by intransigent content-owners. Another argument, that artists don’t make significant money off music sales, appears to be wrong. Meanwhile, cracking down on illegal movie downloads appears to boost legal movie downloads.

Funny letters to God.

Will we have a supercomputer in every living room? Absolutely not. It’s absurd. Super-computers go in the back somewhere.

America really is exceptional.

Nate Silver explains, statistically, why your relationship is failing. Remember, to doubt him is to hate science.

The best movie sets ever made.

Why was the government of the 50’s so eager to believe that comic books were being used to manipulate minds? Experience.

I happen to think that a la carte cable would be bad for the consumer. But I don’t think the current state of affairs is great, either.

Looking for alien life in unexpected places.

I’ve commented to my wife that she should never expect me to admit that I am wrong in the course of a debate or disagreement. But that, if I am clearly wrong, I will resign myself to it after mulling it over. Apparently, I’m not alone.

Hogwards, LEGO-style.

Keiran Healy and LA Paul explain that there really is no way to know if parenting is right for you until it’s too late.

In retrospect, Captain Power kind of sucked. I had one and remember the disappointment when the screen did not respond to what I was doing. Didn’t stop me from playing it, though. The cartoon was tons better than the actual show, though. Anyhow, it’s coming back!

The disturbing world of sleep-eating disorders.

Six military fakes that fooled everyone (for a time).

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