How our credentials may be holding us back.

Ex-lab chimps improving with anti-depressants. Also, monkeys controlling robots.

Anti-semite Joseph Stalin accidentally saved some of Poland’s Jews.


Megan McArdle’s piece about “American’s New Manderins” is worth reading.

Are we reaching the end of product placement? I wouldn’t guess it from how characters seem to have a new smartphone every episode.

A lot of parents have a favorite child, and other interesting tidbits from The Telegraph.

Reading fiction can make us more empathetic.

I don’t know how I am going to handle my smoking habit when it comes to Lain. According to LiveScience, I shouldn’t admit to it even if I’ve quit.

Will the unraveling of genetics and IQ happen in China?

Dave Schuler: The politics of feeling good.

How stressed and screwed are the Millenials?

Given the same constituency within the US senate, you really wouldn’t expect pairings like this.

Romantic comedies suck. Why? Sexual liberation?

The case against junk food is itself junk, according to Barton Hinkle. The toll of overeating is quite scary, though.

Honeybee democracee.

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