Why presidents are less effective than prime ministers. I’d kind of thought this was obvious: Presidents control an office or a branch, while Prime Ministers control executive and legislative. Our presidents would be much more effective if their election assured a congressional majority (or coalition to a majority) (assuming no filibuster). [Northwestern]

We hate each other because the stakes are so small. Of course, we don’t think the stakes are so small because we exaggerate. [Pacific Standard] [Mother Jones]

Technology against technology. How super glasses may fight the deleterious effects of LCD screens. [Forbes]

Relatedly, a Russian phone company is coming to the rescue, with eInk on one side and an LCD on the other. This is the sort of product I might consider buying for my wife down the road. Meanwhile, Brazil is getting an iphone that runs Android. [Mashable] [The Verge]

Women’s ideal traits in a man change dramatically as they age. I’d be more interested in the results for men. [Yahoo!]

It may be true that states that spend and tax less also grow more, but there are a lot of confounding factors here. A lot of red states are starting at a lower base point, from which growth is easier. A lot of high-productivity states like Washington and Texas can afford lower taxes in a way that Idaho, for example, can’t. [TaxProf]

Ravi Shankar was apparently less than comfortable with hippies. [Telegraph]

Dilbert’s Scott Adams buys a car. [Dilbert Blog]

The costs of moving from Wisconsin to Alabama: $676.32. I don’t think we’ll be moving in town for that little. This would be a contributor to the North Dakota Problem. [Billfold]

Really, there’s no good reason for the presidential line of succession to go through the legislative branch at all. [Slate]

Our advances in manufacturing may be overrated. [Conversable Economist]

Relevant to me: 13 Things Babies Are Secretly Trying To Tell You. [Buzzfeed]

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  1. Ω says:

    The Yahoo! article about male traits considered ideal by women appears to dovetail nicely with the Chateau Heartiste worldview. Until their late thirties, women are highly picky about male physical traits and sexual compatibility (ability to elicit tingles?). Then, after they’ve had their fun as part of the alpha harem, they want to snag a provider chump because they’re looking to start a family – in their late 30’s when their fertility is declining rapidly. The modern West is mighty screwed up.

  2. trumwill says:

    Yeah. That one was irresistable to include because of subject matters often discussed around here and near here.

  3. Kirk says:

    To paraphrase Homer Simpson: “That survey was conducted by the best scientists in the online-dating industry!”

  4. Φ says:

    The problem: Many researchers now believe that when you stare at a bright screen, it effectively tricks your body into thinking it’s daytime, making it more difficult to sleep

    Except . . . my LCD screen at work seldom keeps me from getting snoozy . . .

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