Mark Leibovich learned at least 17 things from reading The Economist’s “The World in 2013” issue. Among them, employers in Japan face fines if employees fatten up. Could Japan’s KFC-Christmas connection be a part of the problem? [NYT] [Yahoo!]

According to Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, expectant mothers are seen as less competent and more irrational by their peers. I’m not sure this applies exclusively to pregnant women. [The Atlantic]

Speaking of Japan, the LDP is back in charge and China may be okay with that. [BBC]

Legos! They’re awesome, expensive, and popular. Here’s why. Honestly, I don’t really care for those product tie-ins. If the mentioned rival sheds that and the costs associated with that, I think we’ll go in that direction. [NPR]

Is correct grammar a form of privilege? Here’s the thing, we can correct grammar overtly and they can take or leave the correction, or we can decline to correct the grammar and know that they will be judged negatively for failing to adhere to standards we’re not overtly enforcing. There’s not a good answer here. [BoingBoing]

A look at Amazon and what makes it so great: Generous shareholders. I love Amazon, but their market position will become worrying at some point. [Slate]

I’m not big on truancy laws. But I am intrigued by the results of paying kids to do school work. So I’m a bit confounded by a principal paying students to show up to school. [NPR]

GoogleMaps is apparently better on the iPhone than it is on Android. The Android version on my phone does everything I want it to. My big complaint is the amount of resources it soaks up. The iPhone one looks prettier, which means it may be worse in that regard. [CNN]

Texas is looking at reforming occupational licensure. Yay! [Empower Texans]

I cringe a big at the top-downedness of stuff like this but I suppose it makes sense as a counterbalance in the ways that zoning so often keeps affordable units at bay. [Washington City Paper]

Solving traffic and rewarding good cab drivers with toll road freebies. [The Atlantic] [TheNational]

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2 Responses to Linkluster Years Since The Mormons Abandoned Vegas

  1. SFG says:

    Grammar privilege? This is another example of the ways the Left has gone off the rails since the 60s. Yes, being taught grammar correctly is a form of privilege and is a heavy class marker. So we should teach poor kids proper grammar, so they’ll be at less of a disadvantage!

    They were a lot better off before they drank the race-and-gender Kool-Aid.

  2. trumwill says:

    I can get on board with saying that grammar rigidity is counterproductive. But correcting grammar doesn’t change the fact that people will be judged on it.

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