ScreenRant thinks Justice League can relaunch a DC Movie universe. This really is a page that DC should take from Marvel. Green Lantern flopped, but a Green Lantern that’s part of a larger story has greater potential.

Though I support gay marriage, a lot of my attitudes towards marriage tend towards the traditional. A lot of this stuff makes my stomach churn. In part because a lot of it is put forth by my allies on SSM.

A profile on the next Archbishop of Canterbury (the Anglican/Episcopal pope).

Not to be outdone by Best Buy, who called the Treasury Department when someone tried to use $2 bills, Walmart allegedly tore up a couple $100 bills.

Is there a better way of improving online player behavior? It certainly sounds nicer than Microsoft’s. I wonder if this would work on blog commenting sections.

Jon Last looks at the demographic arc of South Korea. The moving parts of gender selection and government meddling in reproduction are interestingly put together.

Apparently, TSA gets better uniform perks than the Marines.

Tim Harford writes of the complexities of the notion of a “living wage.”

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