If you take Spam, cook it in a frying pan, put it in the freezer, and then eat it straight out of the freezer, the results are interesting.

I am in the habit of buying Spam because I’ve determined it’s less expensive than the bacon bits I really like and serves the same function. It’s fattier, though. But I take it and cut it into little cubes. Then I cook it in batches. Previously, I’d just put it in the fridge. However, with Clancy due for maternity leave and with her extreme aversion to the smell of cooking Spam, I took six cans (half turkey, half low-fat whatever) and did it all at once. Which is how it ended up in the fridge.

What do I use it for? Well, as much as anything, as a snack I take some Wheat Thins, put a little bit of cream cheese on them, and then top it with either the bacon bits or Spam. I’m trying to ween myself off the stuff as it’s quite addictive. The perfect snackfood and I try to keep really good snackfood away from me.

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  1. stone says:

    Wait, she never even made it to maternity leave? She worked up until her due date? OMG

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