The previously mentioned case against Minnesota State head football head coach Todd Hoffner is apparently falling apart.

It’s probably wrong that I am enjoying the revolt against healthy school lunches [NYT]. Is Michelle Obama creating a generation of future Republicans?

If you believe that schools should be measured by the attendance of its students, you shouldn’t be surprised when school districts start proposing that kids be tracked with microchips.

I have mixed feelings about the criticism Obama is facing due to his sending form letters to the families of fallen soldiers. On the one hand, who expects that as a good use of the president’s time. On the other hand, it impresses me that Bush was able to do otherwise and there’s something to be said for that.

Congressman Peter Welch (D-VT) makes the case for reforming credit card swipe fees. I’m actually wondering if alternative payment methods will render this moot.

In the real world, dressing as Batman and trying to assist cops gets you arrested.

The Big East Conference, thought to be near-dead, lives on! One of the things that a lot of people don’t seem to grasp is that excluding West Virginia, many of their best teams were left behind in realignment.

An interesting look at the offense of the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, run through their… center. LaTech is 5-1 this year, having just suffered its first defeat in a barnburner against Texas A&M. Interesting, Louisiana-Lafayette is 4-1, Louisiana-Monroe is 4-2, and LSU is 6-1. All of the losses to noteworthy opponents and most of them within a single score. Out of five teams in Louisiana, only Tulane is doing poorly.

Fortunately, it doesn’t appear that Google is taking this terrible advice. Yes, GoogleMaps is the best bar none, but this provides an impetus for Mapquest or someone else to really give them a challenge.

Public polling is getting harder. I don’t consider this an altogether bad thing. Too much confidence in how we believe things are going to turn out can have a deleterious effect on democracy and can become self-reinforcing.

How going off the fiscal cliff would affect Americans. The median cost being only $2,000 makes it seem… less serious than I would have guessed.

Texas Governor Rick Perry continues to carry the banner for making college cheaper. Meanwhile, one of the architects of the tuition race regrets nothing.

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6 Responses to Linkluster Episodes of MacGyver

  1. ScarletKnight says:

    The Big East Conference

    It is still the sixth best conference in the land. Your point holds though that the defections haven’t been devastating. I don’t know when you wrote this post, but WV suffered a very bad lost at Texas Tech this past weekend. Even so, they outrank all other Big East teams at the moment.

    The highest Big East team is Rutgers. Their biggest challenge will be their 10th game at Cincinnati. If they can win that one, they should be in excellent shape for a BCS bid.

    It helps that VT, BC, and the U are all down right now. Also, Syracuse and Pitt are leaving for basketball reasons, so it won’t affect the football conference in a negative way.

  2. trumwill says:

    According to some metrics, they’re actually fifth! Or they were, anyway, ahead of the ACC.

    According to my own system, from 2005-09 the Big East was fifth, ahead of the Big Ten but behind the ACC. So even before I had any reason to, I believed that the BE was underrated.

  3. ScarletKnight says:

    Maybe it’s because I am in their backyard, but I am not impressed with the Big East. I don’t think they deserve ANY teams in the top 25. It would be fun to see Rutgers in a BCS bowl though.

    Our very own Peter checks in with an anti-NFL screed over at HalfSigma. I agree with what he says, even though that wasn’t his intent.

  4. trumwill says:

    The Big East’s problem has always been its parity. Last year, seven of the eight teams were potentially bowl-eligible going into the last week. They have this tendency to knock one another out of contention. They lack a superstar team. The ACC has a lot riding on Florida State, Clemson, Miami, and Virginia Tech for this reason. They’re a solid conference, but they need one of those teams to stand out. They have good teams, but not great teams.

    Unlike the ACC, the Big East doesn’t have *bad* teams, though. Well, until Memphis arrives next season.

    HalfSigma is absolutely right about sports stadia. This came up during the League’s inequality symposium.

  5. ScarletKnight says:

    My feelings towards the Big East can be summed up by the old cliche: familiarity breeds contempt.

    As for the ACC, I can’t even tell you who is in what division. I know they separated Miami and Florida State so they could meet in the title game. It hasn’t happened yet. Hell FSU only appeared the first year, and Miami hasn’t appeared at all. At least the Big XII made sense: Texas and Oklahoma in the south, everyone else in the north.

    As a point of comparison, I can place all 32 NFL teams into their proper divisions, both currently and pre-2002.

  6. trumwill says:

    As a point of comparison, I can place all 32 NFL teams into their proper divisions, both currently and pre-2002.

    Because nothing says “East” like Dallas…

    Arguably, the Big 12’s divisions was one of the things that tore the conference apart. It was one of the bugs up Nebraska’s crawls, that’s for sure. I still would have preferred that the ACC at least *try* north/south (and Big Ten east/west) and then re-evaluate it later if there were parity problems. The Big East is set to go ageographical, but that’s probably the only way because of the politics of the situation.

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