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The situation with Audible has been resolved. The issue, basically, is that when I signed up for an account, they gave me two. One had an account, one didn’t. When I asked them to delete the surplus account, there was some resistence on the basis that there was no reason to since it didn’t hurt to have the second account, but once I explained the problem with email confusion over the status of my membership, they killed the account.

The situation with the optometrist has not been resolved and has in fact gotten worse. When they finally send the prescription to Walmart, they sent a contacts prescription. I don’t need contacts, I need glasses. I haven’t been able to check with them in order to see whether or not they even have a glasses prescription or whether they were under the impression that it was specifically for contacts. I’m never going to get my new glasses. If I have to get a glasses prescription, I’m just going to go to the Walmart eye center. The most frustrating thing about all of this is that my vision hasn’t changed. This was confirmed on my last visit.

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