Does anyone remember that previous Linkluster about the reserve deputy being fired for whistleblowing a case of a divorce lawyer hiring cops to torpedo the spouses of his clients? Well, here’s more on the lawyer, who is apparently being charged with bugging cars.

More on how driverless cars may reshape our transit system. Someone on Twitter made a good point that there is going to be a natural tension here: cars too deferential to pedestrians will navigate roads too slowly (people being more inclined to step in front of an automatic car that they know will stop for them) but if they’re not deferential enough they may be blamed and outlawed.

Life expectancy for less educated whites is shrinking in the US.

As someone whose resume is rarely the perfect fit for any job (thus making me less qualified than someone else who has already been doing the job), I sign on to this completely.

There is a lot about the transition to ebooks that makes me uncomfortable, but one of the real positive things is the ability to resurrect out-of-print books.

How Marvel mastered Hollywood. DC/WB should be taking notes.

Some people are better off now than they were four years ago. Ironically, they live in red states. From a partisan standpoint, this can be spun in the direction of whatever satisfies your biases. Either ungrateful red-staters who refuse to vote for the black guy, or Obama trying to take credit for improvements in states that don’t support his agenda.

How Texas became our export king.

A fascinating look at the Louisiana Tech Bulldog offense, run not by its quarterback but its center. Louisiana Tech is presently 4-0 this season having defeated Houston, Rice, Illinois, and Virginia with nary a game with less than 40 points scored.

This article may be the best thing The Onion has written in a while (and I haven’t even seen Honey Boo Boo): You Do, Of Course, Realize That This Is Going To End Very, Very Badly

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