The case against seeing your car as an investment. Like housing, I believe it should be a consumption decision the vast majority of the time.

Apparently, if you can get someone to think that they believe something they don’t, they will defend what they think they believe to the hilt.

I am skeptical of some of the ideas on getting women more involved in the sciences, especially as it pertains to a cultural shift, but things like this represent a real problem.

An interesting look at a rural Arkansas school and what they’re doing to get their students ready for the workforce. I’m not sure about overhauling assigned schools (as opposed to charter schools), though in ruralia there is a degree of either-or involved.

Relatedly, I am skeptical of college-for-everyone for a variety of reasons, but post-secondary education does seem like a good idea and community colleges need to lead the way (rather than simply being feeders and money-savers for four year programs – though neither of those are necessarily a bad thing).

Kiplinger lists the worst college majors for your career. Not a surprising list.

The liberal leftist case for a manned space program.

Some of the underlying assumptions in favor of affirmative action may be faulty.

Baton Rouge’s newspaper, The Advocate, is planning to fill gaps left by New Orleans’s Times-Picayune going to a 3-day schedule by releasing a New Orleans edition. I think this may be the future of newspaper publishing, to the extent that there is one. Regional rather than metropolitan newspapers interweaving regional news and local editions.

I guess I have no taste (as if this was news to you), because I think most of these cars look kind of cool!

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  1. Abel Keogh says:

    Interesting commonality of the worst college majors is that 7/10 involve an artistic medium(visual arts, design, writing, acting, etc.).

    It’s actually possible to make a decent living doing photography, painting, writing, etc. but it takes more than knowing, say, how to take pretty pictures. Those who know how to connect with an audience and SELL their work can have remarkably successful careers. The problem is that college do a remarkably crappy job of teaching these skills to their students. In fact most professors are oblivious that students need these skills to make a living off their art.

    Students spend years creating art (or write short stories or take pictures) to please the professor–not a real life audience. And professors are generally more interested in the “artistic” side of things instead of training students how to make their art more marketable. The end result, lots of adults living at home in their mid-20s wondering what to do with their life.

    The reality is that many artists, writers, and actors who make it big generally didn’t attend school to become a successful artist. They kind of stumbled into it and found success.

  2. trumwill says:

    A good comment, Abel. One that may inspire a post. Back in college, journalism majors would not be caught working for the school newspaper under any circumstances. They were above all that. The end result is that I know a bunch of “Daily Packer” alums who have actually gone on to actual journalism jobs despite having majored in things like political science, English, and communications. I mean good jobs, too, submitting items for the Washington Post and such, as well as the local major-market daily. I almost never hear of a writer that simply graduated from our journalism school.

    (Some of that may be recognition bias. I remember people from the Daily Packer and so will recognize their names. On the other hand, the only names I recognize are from a four year window. I know of a number of famous alums my school has just by looking at bios or hearing about it. Just few or none in journalism.)

  3. Φ says:

    Gotta point out that the writers for Jacobin are not “liberal”. They are leftists — and proudly so — for whom “liberal” is an epithet.

    Didn’t know about Apophis, though. Looks like bye-bye California.

  4. trumwill says:

    I fixed the leftist/liberal in the post. Thanks.

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