We’ve been on the road for over 8 hours over the last two days. Tomorrow I have a sub-job at the middle school. Special ed again (this time the lower-functioning class). Last week I actually got a two-day high school gig that was not special ed. Both high school and not special ed are unusual, though I had the assignment due to the teacher being gone at the Special Olympics.

Not only was it not special ed, but I had a couple honors sections. They were not at all what I expected. Indeed, my most troublesome class of the day was an honors session. The fact that it was at the end of the day probably made them more antsy. Also, they were not given enough to do. Even so, a lot of these kids were not what I would have expected. There was a delightfully ditzy cheerleader type. There were two girls with piercings out the everywhere.

I actually knew some of the honors kids from teaching middle school last year (it was a freshman class). One girl thought it was creepy that I recognized her. I actually only recognized her for two reasons: First, because she used to live back in the Deseretian town where I worked (Mocum). Second, she was annoying as hell. I had another that I had noted looked really young for her age last year who this year looks… not young for her age anymore (though she doesn’t appear to have made the mental transition yet).

The non-honors sections I had were generally well-behaved, but not very productive. It’s their last semester. Most are probably not going on to college. They could barely care less. I had a class of ten and five showed up the first day and six the second.

Back to the honors sections. Someone in last period asked if they were the worst class of the day. I said they were, which had them really surprised because usually third period is worst. Third period was fine. They remembered that Codey wasn’t there. Surprised, I asked if Codey was somehow a problem student. They all said yes. I was surprised because Codey is the regular teacher’s son.

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