Five so-called health foods to avoid. I was happy to see Sun Chips get a waiver. There actually wasn’t anything on the list that I consume on the basis of it being healthy. I eat reduced-fat cheese and tons of high-fiber stuff. The latter helps. Not sure about the former, but the main reason I eat it is because it doesn’t taste as good and therefore I eat less of it.

Katherine Mangu-Ward on why all government anti-obesity efforts seem to fail.

Windows 8 is apparently confusing. I’ve just finally gotten used to Windows 7 to the point that I have no preference between Win7 and WinXP (though, dag nabbit, I want my versitile Quicklaunch Bar back!).

Aldous Huxley though his dystopian future was more credible than George Orwell’s dystopian future. I actually listened through 1984 a couple weeks back. I need to see if I can get Brave New World.

Matthew Yglesias defends the Sun Belt. Namely, its desire to expand. The oft-derided sprawl helps keep down the costs-of-living. This is not looked at nearly enough. Lowering the cost of living is almost as good as raising wages.

Most finders of lost smartphones are snoops. Wouldn’t you be?

California has an unbelievably good higher education system. Would that they made it more accessible, both in terms of grades and in terms of cost.

The North Dakota Fighting For The Sioux Name saga continues

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  1. Brandon Berg says:

    If they were more accessible gradewise, then they probably wouldn’t be considered as good. Schools are judged primarily on the quality of the students they admit.

  2. trumwill says:

    The interesting thing about the California schools (other than Berkeley and maybe UCLA) is that they tend to be *better* than their reputation. Not a whole lot of people outside of the west coast have any idea how good UC-Davis, UC-Irvine, and so on are.

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