How Portland mastered the public toilet.

This story from the New Yorker about Mormons and the history of the presidency reminds me a bit of the opening to the late, lamented Cavemen series, for some reason. Not because I think Mormons are like Cavemen, but it’s hard to explain. Mormons have done a good job of getting into positions of influence, but have (to date) never achieved the presidency. The Cavemen intro shows Cavemen in the history books, but obviously never in the center of our history. So I guess that’s it.

The Spy who was undone by his email.

WPA posters from the 30’s and 40’s. A part of me thinks they’re creepy (maybe because I am presently reading 1984), and a part of me likens them to the ridiculous PSA’s and After School Specials from when I was younger, but a part of me likes the whole notion of promoting common culture. They’re also aesthetically pretty interesting.

A look at the systemic bias against men in King County family courts.

An oldie but goodie: Tech support is there to get you off the phone. Though they are harder to understand, I do find that Indian customer support is often more patient.

A look at the long-term unemployed. In short, they’re older, more educated, more likely to be black or Asian, and just about everywhere but the south.

America’s most over-priced cities.

Greed is good (and so are lust, envy, pride, anger, sloth and gluttony)

Iceland is so worried about inbreeding that they have a database.

The man who tried to stop the Challenger launch.

Photo of questionable appropriateness below the fold.

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    There are 102 flavors of Doritos?

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