Megan McArdle looks at retail and the age of the Internet. It’s not a pretty sight.

Fecal transplants?

The World Map of Political Corruption. What’s up with Chile? I’ve certainly read it argued that Pinochet left an unusually good legacy, but… impressive.

Matt Yglesias looks at The Perils of Presidential Democracy. Only the US and Chile have maintained undisturbed constitutional continuity under our system, and Chile’s folded in the 70’s. One of the things that makes the US different is the fact that our parties lacked ideological coherency. But that’s not the case anymore. Are we in trouble? (Comment with care on this one, please. If you think the Republicans, or the Democrats, specifically, are trying to destroy us, all that tells me is that you are more aligned with one side than the other.)

The Last Psychiatrist drubs one of those irritating gender-neutral parents. The point that these people are expressing themselves to the social detriment of their children simply cannot be emphasized enough.

Made in America has real value… in China.

Farhad Manjoo argues that the proliferation of pajama-wearing in public is not a sign of our declining moral fiber. He’s wrong.

Bakadesuyo: Taller people are happier.

The Cult of Amazon Prime. I can’t remember which one of you recommended it to me, but thank you. It’s awesome.

In Kindergarten, the bullies do better than the bored.

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6 Responses to Linkluster: Dalmatians

  1. ScarletKnight says:

    I’m with the teacher on this one. Alex should learn to be less obnoxious.

  2. trumwill says:

    Adam should take more care not to be wrong.

  3. Kevin says:

    That’ a great letter! I would frame it.

  4. trumwill says:

    I would take it, show it to all of my friends, laugh about it, and tell my kid not to do it again. Until they’re 18, then they get a framed version of it.

  5. ScarletKnight says:

    1) I doubt the veracity of the letter in the first place, but taking it at its word…

    2) Anyone can look up which unit of measure is longer, but…

    3) In life, not being an asshole will get you MUCH further than knowing a mile is longer than a kilometer. Besides,

    4) Metric is for faggots.

  6. trumwill says:

    1) Who knows if it’s true, but it makes for a more fun world to think it is.

    2) Yeah, but who is going to look it up if the teacher just told you?

    3) This part would have to be explained to the kid. But such things are something that are grown out of or taught out of. This is a more story-worthy teachable moment than the one kids usually get.

    4) Good point.

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