A look at the Keystone Pipeline and wealth creation. Buy low and sell high is apparently easier when you can buy low.

A judge has ruled that Americans can be forced to decrypt their laptops. I actually had a HypoThursday post around a very similar question. I wasn’t even aware of this story.

For Samson: A gorgeous look at the Montana wilderness in snow.

John Tyler, US President from 1841 to 1845 and the first ever Vice President to ascend to the presidency (creating Constitutional chaos as nobody knew what powers he would have), has grandchildren that are still alive. I had to do a report on a president, drawn from a hat. I picked William Henry Harrison, our 30-day president (and Tyler’s predecessor). I kept getting told how lucky I was. Lucky?! How do you do a 10-minute presentation on a guy who was only in office for 30 days?!

A study finds that there is no obesity link to junk food in schools.

The history of US oil production. Texas’ oil production has surged by 40%, but offshore drilling has gone down 20%. We now drill more in Texas than the entire offshore of the United States. If he were a competent speaker and, well, not Rick Perry, Rick Perry could have made something of this in November.

Allegedly, Democrats are targeting various Republican Secretaries of State (chief election officials). They got the one in Indiana convicted, but something went wrong in Iowa when someone attempted identity theft to implicate the SoS in something untoward.

Between a roller-coaster and a hard place. A theme park gets a lot of bad publicity (and sued) for kicking a girl with no hands off the roller-coaster ride, but we should arguably be blaming litigiousness rather than mean theme park operators.

Air Marshalls gone wild!

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  1. ScarletKnight says:

    How do you do a 10-minute presentation on a guy who was only in office for 30 days?!

    Well I would hope you concentrated on the period of time before he was president. Also, he was the only president to be the grandfather of one as well.


    OT: The NCAA team with my favorite nickname was in my neighborhood recently, taking on NJIT in men’s basketball. Why would UND play NJIT in anything? Well it was a CONFERENCE game; they are both members of the Great West Conference? Now why would NJIT join such a thing? Well America East, which would be the most logical home for them, turned them down. And since it is impossible to be an independent in any sport other than football, they had to join some conference.

  2. trumwill says:

    I did. He had an interesting career as the governor of three different territories. Other than that, he was just an empty suit (or whatever they wore at the time).

    Half of the freak-out in North Dakota is their desire to get the heck out of the Great West Conference. They’re joining the Big Sky Conference soon. The whole thing cost them a slot in the Summit League and Missouri Valley Conference.

    The Great West Conference is about to lose another school, too, bringing them down to four: one in New Jersey, one in Chicago, one in south Texas, and one in Utah. Seattle and CSU-Bakersfield actually chose independence and the sliver of a hope of getting into a better conference (Seattle did).

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