The domain was friggin’ registered yesterday. Unbelievable. I have checked on the status of that domain at least once a week since it expired on 10/29/5. I understand the rationale for giving the owner of a domain a little extra time with it so that it doesn’t get swooped up a day after it expires due to some miscommunication, but it sure would be nice if there was some way to know exactly when a domain will become available without having to spend $60 to backorder it.

Of course, the current owners of the domain may have backordered in, and if so are more deserving of it than I. I don’t know, it wouldn’t irritate me quite so much if they were actually doing something with the site other than running ads for those that mistype “” or something ( is itself, incidentally, being cybersquatted upon)

Oh, well.

Stupid Internet.

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