When talking about outsourcing our brains to google, it’s worth noting that knowledge makes you a better googler.

The return of the laugh-track. There’s actually a lot of interesting info in the article about the process. Not just the… editing… but also how they choose their studio audience. On Married With Children, for example, they’d pack the audience with Marines and other service members. For Dear John, they got divorcees.

The earliest ads for Amazon.com were based on the premise that Amazon had an insane number of books and so where did they put them? Well, here is the answer.

It’s commonly discussed around here that women are more likely to initiate divorce than men. Why? Well, one reason could be that divorce is most likely to be instigated by the parent that will get custody of the children. The data is a bit dated. That being said, it’s noteworthy that in the couple of cases I am familiar with where the man left the woman (and there were children involved), the father got primary custody. I wonder what the numbers look like for childless couples? Also, some data suggesting that more lax divorce laws led to a decline in females murdered by their partners.

It’s commonly argued that teacher quality has declined over time, but it’s not necessarily true.

Ways to inflate your IQ.

Seriously, why did anyone ever think this would not only be a good idea, but would sell for $100? I would say something about how they must not have seen ebooks coming, but it looks like ebooks predate these things. Sometimes I think companies come up with something to confuse the technologically illiterate holiday buyers trying to figure out something to get for their wiz-kid grandson.

The glory of the original Atari logo.

Parks & Recreation: The sitcom that actually loves Middle America.

Why the intro to Batman: The Animated Series, is the best opening sequence ever. A scene-by-scene analysis.

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4 Responses to Linkluster: Ways to Tie a Tie

  1. Kirk says:

    Is it just me, or does the Atari logo look like the admin building at Fermilab?


  2. Samson J. says:

    Actually, what surprises me most about the Amazon warehouse is that there aren’t very many guys working in there.

    And – it’s pretty big. I guess. But I’m still a little disappointed: it doesn’t look like they have a thousand copies of every book in existence.

  3. David Alexander says:

    Why the intro to Batman: The Animated Series, is the best opening sequence ever. A scene-by-scene analysis.

    One of the better animated series for children during that era. I enjoyed it far more than Gargoyles which had quite a bit of celebrity power behind some of the voices. For some reason, Gargoyles had a tendency to be boring and a bit soapy at moments, but Batman was always action packed…

  4. Kirk says:

    Somewhere in an Amazon warehouse lies the Arc of the Covenant.

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