Casual sex is good if you’re depressed, but bad if you’re not.

Why weed is cheaper west of the Mississippi.

A regular topic of conversation of Hit Coffee is red light cameras and yellow light durations. Despite claims to the contrary, longer yellow lights hold violations down five years later. Also, a non-partisan group releases a report highly critical of red light cameras.

Speaking of traffic violations, variable speed limits are something that make sense in theory, but in practice is problematic. To their credit, even the cops don’t like this one. Not that it’s stopping anybody…

Why workers are losing the war against machines. Losing your job in the Great Recession will cost you $112,000.

Via Abel, a bias-confirming article on employers and how they shoulder some of the blame for their inability to find employees. As we have tried to gear colleges and such towards vocational training, we’ve spoiled employers into thinking that they shouldn’t harbor the training costs.

In our rush to vocationalize college, maybe something got lost along the way. Here’s a counterargument.

Scott Adams broaches a subject I’ve talked about here and there but never done a full-fledged post on: the subjectivity of fairness.

An interesting look at Ron Paul. The bit about refusing to take government money is interesting. It seems to me that it’s unnecessarily taking it too far, but this is Ron Paul we’re talking about.

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