I thought I posted on this when we did it last year, but once a year this group of alumni from an outside school rent our back yard so that they can have a party for the annual football game. People come in from all over. they serve tacos and pot-luck. I am invited to participate, but these are people who only see each other once every now and again and I don’t know any of them. Players and cheerleaders from the other school also partake (hence the post’s title).

Last year they were very good about cleaning everything up. This year, they were the same. They did all that could be expected. However, inevitably food gets spilled. So in the week or so since the game, every time we let the dog out, Lisby sprints towards the places where they congregate and eats whatever has been left behind.

It is, obviously, not good for her at all. And after a couple of days, she felt the effects. You could hear her tummy gurgling. You could see a disconcerted look on her face. Clancy and I kept wondering if maybe she learned her lesson, but she would go out there and keep eating whatever she could.

We kind of roll our eyes. Except that for several days after Halloween, I lived off chocolate. We had a lot of leftovers. My system is not used to such copious amounts of chocolate. And so, I got sick. Did this mean that I stopped eating chocolate?

Well, let’s just say: like dog, like owner.

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