This sounds interesting, but I’m not sure. It’s about how to eliminate left-turns. Which sounds great to me. I’m not sure, though, because of the conscipuous lack of diagrams showing me what exactly they’re describing. Come on, this is the Internet. You can use pictures!

Farhad Manjoo questions the conventional wisdom about letting little kids watch TV. Russell Saunders defends it.

Glen Whitman argues that hot flight attendants were an odd result of airline regulation and it was deregulation that caused flight attendants to be like everybody else. Megan McArdle argues that it was feminist shaming, unionization, and anti-discrimination law.

If you accidentally ding a Ferrari, you’d better hope you’re insured or you’re going to have to put out a pretty penny. Unless you’re the Justice Department, in which case you can just total it.

The State of Texas adds 15 new law-enforcement agencies per year.

Plans in Mexico for an underground skyscraper. I actually think this sort of thing is cool. Others have pointed out that the reason they’re doing this – excessive regulation – is rather uncool. I agree, but windows are for chumps. Ironically, I’m pretty sure our regulations would prevent such a thing from ever being built here. Insufficient fire escapes.

Despite their appeals to very different audiences, rap and country often go over variants of the same subject-matter. I once considered using this angle on a piece in the college newspaper about those criticizing rappers. Describe an artist with violent content, leading people to assume it’s some rapper, then reveal it to be Johnny Cash. I decided better of it, however.

Losing your virginity at a younger age does not appear to make you more of a sexual risk-taker later in life.

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  1. Abel says:

    They have two of those diamond interchanges in Utah. I use one several times a week. I don’t know if it saves that much times but it sure makes getting on the freeway easier.

    Here’s a video.

  2. Abel says:

    Here is another left hand turn thing that Utah is implementing at highly congested intersections.

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