Does the NFL lean to the right? Well, its fans do at least a little (owing probably as much to the gender split as anything else). The numbers in this article, though, are kind of worthless because they include political donations by the owners. The owners’ donations outstrip those of the players and everybody else by a pretty large margin. Not exactly representative.

Kevin Drum has a couple of really good articles on the Mac/PC wars. I used to lament that Microsoft was so dominant, then the iPhone showed me how much worse it could have been if Apple had won and playing around with Linux demonstrated that Apple might have won, if Microsoft hadn’t.

Online housing discrimination is typically done not in renter/lease situations, but rather roommate situations. This actually brings up an interesting philosophical question: Where do you draw the line? It’s easy to sympathize someone wanting to live with someone like them, if they’re living together. It’s harder to sympathize with an apartment landlord that only wants a certain kind of tenant (making it much harder for others to find decent housing). But what about a basement apartment? What about a lease-while-I’m-out-of-the-country sort of situation?

The problem with crime and punishment in America. The latter case is particularly heartbreaking, where the guy turned himself in. The most cynical interpretation is that he did it all for three hots in a cot. That’s heartbreaking in its own way.

According to a study, loosening DRM restrictions can decrease music piracy. It becomes an unfortunate thing when doing things the illegal way is not only cheaper, but easier than the legitimate way. Microsoft, I’m looking at you.

What happened to the 30-hour workweek, which was right up there with the JetPacks? I didn’t know this, but the Senate actually passed one in 1933, but it didn’t gain any traction in the House and it was a bridge too far for Roosevelt. On the one hand, I vaguely worry about reaching a post-employment age where some sort of maximum workweek would be required just to keep people working (though I have been assured this is impossible). On the other hand, it seems inconducive to international market-competitiveness.

Somewhat along those lines, Brian Arthur ponders that we’re moving from a production economy to a distribution economy.

An interesting story about a frustrated author who threw unused copies of his book away only to find them resurface on Amazon.

You know those really low interest rates you hear about? Yeah, who is actually getting those?

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  1. Samson J. says:

    playing around with Linux demonstrated that Apple might have won, if Microsoft hadn’t.

    Linux is my favourite example of the greatness of the free market and its power to force quality. While Linux has its advantages, every distro that I’ve used contains so many bugs and annoyances that just wouldn’t be there if the product were subject to market pressure.

  2. trumwill says:

    I don’t know that Linux has much in the way of bugs. But it has something much worse: Things that don’t work because they’re not designed to. Areas where the user is expected to pick up the slack and undergo complicated maneuvers to do what is very simple on Windows.

    As far as market pressure goes, that’s sort of an area where they have at least become more susceptible to it. It used to be that there was an ideological opposition to GUI-primacy. And that user frustration was a user problem. Now, I think they have moved beyond that, but it’s an extremely hard cat to corral. Without a controlling authority, it’s hard to tighten things up. They have the exact opposite of the Apple Problem. And Microsoft continues to represent a happy medium.

  3. Samson J. says:

    I don’t know that Linux has much in the way of bugs.

    Well, I’m not a computer g33k, so when I say “bug”, I mean “something that doesn’t work the way I want it to.” What you said is pretty much what I meant.

  4. ? says:

    You know, it just hit me: why is the entrance to docking bay 94 evidently accessible only through a warren of alleyways? The Millenium Falcon was a cargo transport. Can you even fit a forklift through the door?

    Maybe there’s a service entrance we don’t see.

  5. trumwill says:

    Hmmm. I’ll have to watch it again at some point and consider.

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