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4 Responses to The Lara Logan Series

  1. stone says:

    Dude, thanks for the attentiveness. I was just going to slap a tag on them eventually. Something like, “Lara Logan sucks.” Or were you trying to gently point out I’ve been writing a lot about Logan?;)

  2. trumwill says:

    Haha, no gently pointing out of anything. I was going to add one of them to the Important Posts category, but I didn’t know which to add, so I made an index.

  3. Mike Hunt says:

    My favorite part of the LL saga is that she went on 60 Minutes for the attention, and she chose the day where no one would care about her story. Super Bowl Sunday literally would have given her more attention.


    RIP Joseph Brooks…You light up my life

  4. Sheila Tone says:

    That’s right, Mike! I KNEW I was preoccupied with something else that day, I just couldn’t remember what.

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