A while back, Mr Hunt asked who I would choose as the “personal narrator” to my story would be. It took me an absurdly long time to figure it out, then I forgot to post on it.

There are really two answers to that question, depending on the criteria. Who sounds like me? Not exactly like me, but the same sort of sound. Like how the voice actors on The Real Ghostbusters aren’t mimicking Dan Aykroid, Bill Murray, et al, but are sort of doing their own version. My answer on that front is Vincent D’Onofrio, most known for playing Detective Goren on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. There’s a sort of heavy-but-not-deep quality to his voice that I share. If one believes in a correlation between voice and appearance (and I do, to an extent), it might be related to the fact that while we don’t really look alike, he and I have similar builds and statures.

The second narrator is not someone who I sound like at all in my dreams, but whose voice I wish I had. That would be Cole Hauser, twice the sidekick on K-Ville and Chase. Though he’s a native of California, his voice has an Arklahomatex accent of sorts that is present but without dominating his voice. About the only connection is that when I’m tired, nervous, or drunk, I develop the same sort of accent (a gift from my father and his side of the family, I think, since few of my peers growing up had any sort of accent). Except his sounds way, way better.

Interestingly enough, D’Onofrio (of Brooklyn) and Hauser (of California) play Chicagoan brothers (along with Vince Vaughn) in The Break-Up.

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