I could have told them this for free:

A sample of 477 commercials featuring domestic chores that aired in a week of primetime television programming on all of the broadcast networks was analyzed. Among the key findings: Male characters’ performance of chores was often humorously inept as measured by negative responses from others, lack of success, and unsatisfactory outcomes.

It makes a good point that the result of these ads, other than to elicit a laugh and poke fun at men, is to reinforce stereotypes. I’ve mentioned this before in the past, but there are reasons that women should be wary of this sort of thing as well as men. Men do not like doing things we are not good at. The notion that we will fail, that our wives will roll their eyes at us, and so on, discourages us from trying.

Of course, it works out for me. I score major points with Clancy for my willingness to try to do the household chores. And I told her early on – and she completely understood – that while pointing out how I might do better is welcome, being critical in any sort of harsh way is a good way to get me to give up and stop doing it. And Clancy is great about this. I think that sometimes women forget this.

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2 Responses to Men, Commercials, & Household Chores

  1. Mike Hunt says:

    In a similar vein, a current series of light beer commercials shows the female bartender as all knowing, and her male customers as morons…

    One day, I will post an essay about bartenders and how overpaid they generally are.

  2. trumwill says:

    Of course, beer commercials also often feature women that are dumber than rocks.

    Look forward to whatever you write on bartending.

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