Clancy had some paperwork to catch up on, so I watched the Superbowl at a local bar, The Calfway House. I figured, if nothing else, it would help me meet and get to know some of the locals. If we’re going to stay in Callie, one of the things I am going to need to do is get to know people. A bar is probably not the best place to meet likeminded people, but it’s a place, which is better than watching the game at home on my TV.

One of the first people I met was a woman who seemed to be about my age. It turned out that she, like myself, had once lived in Fort Beck, Deseret. I discovered this when someone at the bar was badmouthing the state. It turned out that she was not really “about my age” at all. In fact, the more she and I talked, the older it became apparent she was. At one point, I wanted to ask “Just how old are you, lady?” Her children were out of the house (and I got the impression that they had been for some time) with one of them giving her two grandchildren. I had been under the impression that she had lived in Fort Beck during her college days, but she later said that she lived there from 1968-71, meaning that either she’s nearing sixty or I misunderstood.

I also met a patient of Clancy’s. I found this out the typical way. Basically, he found out that I moved her recently. There was all manner of good food at the Calfway and I asked him if I needed to leave money in a jar for what I ate. Apparently, feeding people (with, did I mention, good food?) is something of a Calfway tradition, and so he knew that I either didn’t live here or that I had moved here recently. So he asked what brought me to Callie, I told him my wife’s work, he asked what she did, I told him that she was a doctor at Dent Hospital, he asked her name, and lo and behold he is a patient. This has happened three or four times since I have arrived. Every conversation unfolding nearly the same way.

I also got to know another guy somewhat, who was about my age and seemed like an interesting guy. The sort of guy I was hoping to meet; the sort of guy I will be able to converse with easily in the future. As often seems to happen, I never did get the guy’s name. Neither of the other two, either (which drove Clancy crazy when she tried to remember the patient). That’ll have to be the next step. Learning their names.

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  1. Peter says:

    Your account of the older lady reminds me …

    This Beta is at a singles bar one night, and not surprisingly he’s having no luck. As closing time draws near he notices this cougar making seductive glances at him. At first he’s not interested, the women had to be well into her 50’s, but then he starting thinking how she’s actually in terrific shape for her age. Just before closing the woman comes over to the Beta and whispers, “I’ll bet you’ve always had a fantasy about a mother-daughter three way.”

    The Beta can’t believe how lucky he is, not only is the woman herself more than acceptable, but looking as good as she does it’s a certainty that her daughter must be absolutely stunning. Without a moment’s hesitation he follows her back to her house. As they enter the house, the woman calls out “Wake up, Mom!”

  2. Mike Hunt says:

    You are a little old to be hanging out in bars…

  3. trumwill says:

    You are a little old to be hanging out in bars…

    Errr, not really. They have bars for people of all ages. It was a point of frustration when I was younger that bars didn’t label themselves “Young people bar” and “old people bar”.

  4. Mike Hunt says:

    They have bars for people of all ages.

    While this is true (21+), I always think it is pathetic to see someone 35 or older hanging out in a bar. Bars are for the young, IMHO.

  5. trumwill says:

    You must hate the Brits with a passion.

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