The first round, dedicated to cartoons. This is dedicated to other shows.


My appreciation for Matlock is not one of the things I will defend. I guess it was one of the most accessible legal/law shows on at the time. I’ve probably seen every episode. Most more than once. This is one of the reasons I am not opposed to limiting TV time for any kids Clancy and I have.


I liked this one starting at a particularly young age. Who knew that a bunch of people in a bar would be really interesting to a 4th grader?

Perfect Strangers:

When we visited LA once, we tried to be a member of the studio audience once. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the show, they limited the studio audience to people 25 and older.

Silver Spoons:

This is one of those shows that started out with a unique concept (a long-lost father and son where the son is more mature than the father) that became more typical as time moved on (the kid always learning a lesson that the father sagely reinforces). But it took place in a house with a toy train in the living room. How could I not love that?

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