Inspired by Ms Nomore, a collection of shows I greatly enjoyed in my younger years.

For a cartoon, it actually had a pretty fleshed-out world. A bit of the Freak of the Weak plotting, but fun nonetheless. I’m afraid to go back and watch any of it for fear that my fond memories will be tarnished.

Who couldn’t like a kid show about war? I watched a few of my favorite episodes in the run-up to going to see the movie and was pretty deflated by what I saw. It’s amazing the mundane stuff that will touch a child’s imagination. But seriously, who couldn’t like a kid show with guns and crossfire (that never seemed to hit anyone, but still)?

Nothing more need be said.

My friend Clint and I used to watch this one for reasons I do not recall. It was on, I suppose, and Tiffany Brissette and Emily Schulman each became kind of cute, each in their own way. Brissette became a 700 Club Christian. The last I ever saw of Schulman was flipping through channels on Dr Quinn Medicine Woman.

I still play the old Nintendo game from time to time. Darkwing was the inspiration behind the design of a superhero I drew up in junior high.

I was big into private investigators and Chip and Dale were two of my favorite Disney characters, so this was a pretty natural match.

They cracked me up. Still do.

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4 Responses to HCW: Childhood Favorites

  1. no more mr nice guy says:

    I watched “Gilligan’s Island” when I was a kid too.

    And “I Dream of Jeannie”, “Bewitched”, “Daniel Boone”, “The Flying Nun”.

    And of course all the American science-fiction series of the 1960s : “Lost in Space”, “Star Trek”, “The Invaders”, “The Time Tunnel”, “Voyage to the bottom of the sea”

  2. Maria says:

    My parents were hicks and they loved hick humor. They watched all the big hick comedy shows from the ’60s — The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Petticoat Junction, The Real McCoys.

  3. Escapist says:

    I remember Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers fondly. I saw the “Smart Girl” Gadget as sort of a role model because she was good at pragmatic “work” stuff as well as climbing ropes and other athletic stuff 🙂

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