Christian Bale has taken some flack for the voice he uses as Batman in the most recent Batman movies. Kevin Conroy, who did the voice in The Animated Series, had some pretty critical things to say about it:

He said: “[Bale is] an excellent actor. He just got steered wrong. Obviously someone should have stopped him and said ‘You sound ridiculous.’ But no one did. As actors, you have to trust the people on the other side of the camera, because you can’t see what’s going on. You’re working in such a vacuum that you can convince yourself that anything is great. So you need a third eye to tell you that you’re way off base. Unfortunately no one stopped him.”
Conroy’s voice in The Animated Series stands out in what is already an amazing cast. His ability to make Bruce Wayne and Batman sound like distinct but credible people is phenomenal. It is compared to that Bale sounds so awful.

That being said, Bale’s voice doesn’t annoy me nearly as much as it annoys others. The difference between Conroy’s Batman voice and Bale’s Batman voice is the difference between a mask that is supposed to look like a face and a mask that does not bother. Bale’s voice sounds pretty much like somebody trying to mask his voice, which in effect is what Bale is doing. On a screen, it sounds goofy, though as a criminal being approached by the mythic Dark Knight, you’re probably too scared to really notice. The most important part, that his voice sounds distinct from Bruce Wayne’s, is accomplished.

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  1. rob says:

    I haven’t watched the video or the new batman. Bale’s British, so he’s always doing a voice. I think that’s part of why he’s not such a great actor. He was great in American Psycho. The character was supposed to seem like he was faking everything, like there was something monstrous under a thin veneer. Bale wasn’t acting the part, that’s just what he does. It might work for Batman as well, since I’m sure we’re supposed to see Bruce Waynce as being as much of a persona as Batman is.

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