One of the last things I read last night was a comment on a blog that said “DUDE! You weren’t watching Lost?! I was busy getting my mind blown. It was Claire the whole time?! What the f*ing Hell!” Knowing that the Internet was discussing the final episode of Lost that I had not seen yet, I determined that the Internet was a dangerous place to be.

Now, I didn’t know what to make of the comment about Claire. I pass it on precisely because I can inform you that nothing was ruined by that comment. I half thought at the time that it was mostly a head fake. But the next one might not be. So I spent the entire day off the Internet except for an email I sent. It turned out well because there was something that I really needed to get done. The downside is that Hit Coffee was dormant. Anyway, so lest anyone fear because I did not do my weekly Ghostland post and was silent all day today, all is right with the world.

I discovered right after having watched said episode of Lost that a friend of mind apparently ceased to exist. I know this because his Facebook profile was gone. And as we all know, if you don’t exist on Facebook you don’t exist. Fortunately, I got a Friend request from someone with the exact same name and a profile picture that was shockingly similar to my departed friend’s. So I don’t think that the old guy will be missed.

As for the episode itself… I need to think on it more before sharing my thoughts.

UPDATE: Uh oh, the third website I went to was Galley Slaves, where they had a post up about the season finale of Fringe, which I have not yet seen.

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8 Responses to Lost and Unplugged

  1. Abel says:

    I’ve been thinking about it too. Hopefully I’ll have a review up later today.

  2. stone says:

    If there was some shocker about Claire, it passed right over my head.

  3. trumwill says:

    Mine, too. And believe you me, I was watching Claire scenes like a hawk. As I said, I kinda figured it was a headfake. I couldn’t even think of what it might mean unless Claire was herself a smokemonster or something.

  4. Kirk says:

    Not to sound like one of those dicks who brags about being too good for modern culture, but I haven’t watched Lost since season two. It just seemed like the writers were stalling, dragging things out in a vain attempt to figure out what was supposed to be happening.

    Fringe, on the other hand, seems to have direction. And how can I resist a series where a main character smokes pot while listening to Yes?

  5. Kirk says:

    Oh, and another thing about Fringe: some of its characters and actors or old. You don’t see that very often.

  6. trumwill says:


    Late Season Two and Season Three were spent kind of flailing, but once they had an end-date it started picking up pretty quickly. I am in the camp that believes that they actually had a pretty good idea where they were going from early on. They just weren’t sure how they were going to get there because they didn’t know how long they had to tell the story.

    You’re right about Fringe. That show went from nowhere to one of the most interesting shows on television very quickly. It stands a pretty good chance of being my next Lost.

  7. stone says:

    “6.Oh, and another thing about Fringe: some of its characters and actors or old. You don’t see that very often. ”

    That’s right, on TV most of the important stuff is all done by 30-year-old models and 40-year-old hunks. But on Fringe they even have a woman who looks 50-something, and isn’t playing someone’s grandma.

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