In a follow-up to Sheila’s post about bikers, the story of some folks talking about their Lego-thieving habits while appearing on the Dr Phil show:

The couple was under investigation for shoplifting before the “Dr. Phil” appearance, but detectives did not suspect them of being large-scale thieves until they appeared on the show.

The show also aired a video of the couple’s three small children accompanying them on a three-day shoplifting binge.

The Eatons were arrested last September, nearly a year after they appeared on the show and claimed they made as much as $3,500 a week by selling stolen goods.

Interestingly, it took the cops a year or so to make the arrest.

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4 Responses to Surprise! Folks appearing on Dr Phil display common sense deficit.

  1. stone says:

    Yeah, I read about this back when they got arrested. People sometimes expect way too much from those talk shows. They confuse them, at least emotionally, with actual justice tribunals.

    These people apparently thought they were going to get financial help. They also may have thought if they came clean publicly, this would somehow protect them from reprisal.

  2. trumwill says:

    I’m not sure why it is, but there is the sense among a lot of people that if you come clean about something, you can’t be held responsible for it. It’s analogous to the guy (or girl) that admits he (or she) cheated (or otherwise screwed up) and then gets upset that his (or her) significant other gets upset about it because, after all, he (or she) came clean.

  3. Maria says:

    It’s all about the “tolerance” culture and the cult of endless “rights” with no concurrent responsibilities.

  4. trumwill says:

    Unrelated, but I noticed that you dropped the “the Lurker” from your alias. Makes sense, since you’re no longer lurking (which is great, I value participation!). Maybe you should become Maria DeLurked or something :).

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