Everything takes longer than we think it will. Our moving was no exception and neither was the cleaning. We took two more hours than expected and that didn’t include the trip to the landfill. It was my third trip to the landfill that day and, because it was a weekend, the landfill was busy. By the time we got all that completed, it was already 5:30.

We had reservations at a hotel in Deseret that was about 8 hours away. We didn’t have the heart. The hotel was really cool about switching the days. We decided that we were going to just get the heck out of the Zaulem area for Saturday night. We’d make a three day trip out of it. Kind of pathetic, but we were exhausted. It turned out to be the right move because the second leg of our trip, which took place yesterday, Took Longer Than Expected.

Too much to do in this hotel room in too little time. I wanted to take advantage of the hot tub. I wanted to watch the last available vestiges of cable TV available to me. But mostly I want to surf the Internet because it’s going to take the local ISP two weeks to get me hooked up. It’ll also take me a bit of time to get cable/satellite hooked up (if we go that route). I absolutely have to find some sort of way to make sure that I don’t get behind on Lost. Any romantic notions of being unplugged go away when I’m really looking at the prospect of being unplugged.

I am writing this from the hotel in Deseret near the Arapaho border. We lost an hour due to the time change. My body has adjusted remarkably well. I will have no trouble sleeping tonight.

My voyage was going to be spent listening to the audiobook for Bourne Ultimatum, the third of the series of novels that the movies are very, very, very, very loosely based after. It’s 20 hours and the drive is barely more than half that. So I decided, when I had a trip out to Western Shores to pick up a couch, that I would start listening early and maybe get it finished on the drive. I did one better, listening while I cleaned and waited in the landfill queues and finished it before my drive even began. It’s the only think that did not take longer than expected. So I’ve spent the trip listening to one of what was supposed to be two audiobooks. I’ll barely finish the one. You would think that given a finite amount of time in the car that I would be able to plow through the audiobooks at a predictable pace, but not really. I lost time when driving through areas that require concentration. I lost an hour or so because I was getting sleepy and couldn’t listen to an audiobook, drive, and stay awake at the same time.

I was getting sleepy because I had a blood-sugar crash, which is pretty rare for me. I ate a whole Chick-Stick. I didn’t even want it all that much, but I used a convenience store restroom and like to extend patronage to those places that allow the public to use their restrooms. It was the cheapest option. I did the same thing earlier tonight (3/7), getting a candy bar. Using convenience store restrooms is bad for my waistline.

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  1. stone says:

    “I absolutely have to find some sort of way to make sure that I don’t get behind on Lost.”

    Are you getting any kind of on-demand service with your new cable? They may have old episodes. I’ve caught up with a lot of missed DVR episodes that way. Or, they may be available on the Internet, I haven’t checked.

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