All of my “Incoming Links” on the WordPress dashboard are “links” from Technarati. I follow the links and there is no link to this site.

This isn’t an entirely new phenomenon, but in the past it’s almost always been fake blogs. By “fake blogs” I mean that they seem to be computer-generated or if not that then extremely lazy blogs that basically take a couple paragraphs of content and are really heavy on advertising. Basically, cheap attempts to make money. In the past there was an issue with lazy bloggers trying to get your attention (this is back when I was higher profile – and under my real name – than I currently am).

But following the links, they don’t seem lazy link-gathering and advertical profiteering. Rather, there is genuine content… that has nothing to do with anything I’ve written about and that contain no links to my site.

Has Technarati signed with a cyberpublicist that promises more visitors? It got me to read a few Technarati entries that I otherwise wouldn’t have. That’s the only idea I have.

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