Clancy fixed my office chair! Ever since I got it, the back has sagged to the point that it’s great for leaning back and relaxing but not for sitting upright. Since I have my laptop for when I lounge/compute and mostly use the desktop for more upright tasks, it wasn’t particularly useful in that condition. But I put up with it.

Clancy is forced to use my chair for less than a week and actually, you know, fixes it.

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  1. web says:

    I probably would have done the same. I’ve gone so far as to analyze what it would take to repair Fustle’s old recliner (that nasty, muppet-orange one) with the oddly bent support bar. I probably could repair it, too, but I’d need his permission to take it half apart to do so.

    You and Fustle are quite alike in how broken an object you are simply willing to “put up with” rather than repair it.

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