With The Econoholic having chosen to go get himself married and unwired and unplugged and unblogging, posting on his blog slowed to a crawl. As such, I offered Sheila Tone the opportunity to start posting here and she has accepted. So starting next week, you will start to see some posts with a new authorname. So before you start wondering why Trumwill is married to some dude or talking about his kids, be sure to check the author’s name.

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8 Responses to Welcoming Sheila Tone

  1. Clancy says:

    Welcome, Sheila! 🙂

  2. PeterW says:

    And the sinister plot to take over the blogosphere continues!

  3. Peter says:

    Now you’ll probably start seeing a Notorious Sex-Related Blogger coming over here ..

  4. Petronella says:

    Can’t wait! Sheila Tone was the best thing about Econoholic, and Bobvis before that.

  5. David Alexander says:

    So the all-male nerd club is being ruined by the presence of a female. Shudder. 😛

  6. ? says:

    Didn’t Peter get himself banned from Bobvis? I guess you’d better pack your bags, Peter! You can sleep on my couch. 🙂

    Congrats to Bobvis on his nuptials!

  7. Gannon says:

    I prefered the name Spungen.

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