A lot of my friends are having kids and of course they talk about them a lot on Facebook. I think I am so used to pseudonyms – particularly when it comes to kids of bloggers who themselves are not pseudonymous – that it’s taken a few weeks to sink in that the three-steps-beyond-yuppie name referred to on Facebook is their actual name. Oh, dear…

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4 Responses to Better Than Apple (But Not Much)

  1. web says:

    As long as none of them are named “Sky” I think I’m ok… of course I could be wrong.

  2. trumwill says:

    Sky is better than Apple. This name is only a smidgen better than Sky.

  3. web says:

    I am reminded of an old joke about Native American names…

    kid: “Mommy, you know how we name kids after the first thing mommy sees when they are born, like my cousin Running Buffalo and my brother Flying Eagle? Do we always have to do that?”

    mom: “I’m not sure. Why do you ask, Two-Dogs-Humping?”

  4. Sheila Tone says:

    What used to be “yuppie” is now trashy. It’s a quick turnaround nowadays. Therefore, my first kid was named for his dad, and my next kid will have either a genuine ethnic or American traditional name. And NOT a British last name for a first name, either.

    People who fancy themselves upscale and trendy need to clue in that poor folks read “People” and watch “Entertainment Tonight.” Anything celebrities do, they won’t be far behind. I’ve seen several Dakotas, Taylors, and Sages removed from their parents in the past few months. You’d be surprised how many different ways people have found to spell Mikhaila. My favorite is “McKayla,” invoking the Golden Arches.

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